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this is a mixed selection of works collected in my years as a front end developer & graphics designer. you will find responsive web layouts, some CSS experiments as well as doodles and designs here.

web design


responsive one-page design, lazy loading with magnetic effect, scrollable curtain

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responsive one-page design, dynamic navi, vertical subsections

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responsive gallery for extreme formats with simple parallax effect, testversion

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first idea for my portfolio page, interactive 3D Box with parallax scrolling, best viewed in chrome

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pure CSS game, hover-based, menus via input switches, mouse needed

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pure CSS game, testing 3D transforms & transitions, featuring live shadows & DPad, best viewed in chrome

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CSS only randomizer test, timing based, best played with mouse

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CSS only DPad test, featuring pseudo ball, best played with mouse

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pure CSS 3D Box with different shapes, settings & autoplay options for rotations

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flyer and business card for my dads former art gallery

flyer, business card and menu for an italian restaurant

CD cover design for my very first, very rare & very limited rap album


logo design music label krone records

logo design electric lighters co. flmbl

logo design e-sports team gods of gaming

logo design music label rad records & antscore entertainment


redesign kids book, my first animal encyclopedia

comic series peter&gherndt, covers, calendars, whatnots


legal info

Robert Härtel
Dieselstraße 45
01257 Dresden
Saxony, Germany

fon: 0174/1-333-742
mail: hello@bobpages.biz
web: bobpages.biz

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